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The inspiration comes from beauty. That beauty which can be found in the everyday life. From the deepest feelings that a sunrise can gift, to the scents of blossoms which makes nice memories relieve. And the pastel colors of a "candy cotton" sky in a late summer afternoon.

These and many others are the highlights that are featured in Sergio's photography.

It's in the end what makes every moment of life meaningful and to be treasured forever.

Everyone of us connects every experience of life to a sensorial element. Photography becomes a way to awaken all the senses.

From film to a precious print

Offering to you lifetime lasting beauty.

Made in Italy, with love.

Film is the medium I have chosen to tell trough photographs everything that makes my soul sing.​

Analog photography is my way to go for all my editorial and wedding clients' work, when I travel and for my everyday life.


I simply think that film is the best way to make a valuable moment becoming a permanent memory. An everlasting proof of a story. 

Trough the years I have collected many film cameras, both 35mm and medium format. Anyone of them has something special​.

The photographs you can find here come from my travels for work or whenever I can devote myself to my own personal projects.

As I always do with my rolls, after the shoot the following step is an accurate film process and scan made by my trusted film lab.

Something beautiful to be preserved.

I strongly believe that photographs can be, together with music, the most effective time machine we can have today.

That's why Photography became my job. I adore thinking that a manufacture made by me, could have such a wonderful meaning for who holds it in their hands.


With the photographs you can find here, I want to show you some of my favorite places. And, in the same time, I want to offer to you the same feelings that made every single moment shown here unique.

As beauty is something wonderful, delicate, to be preserved, the photographs of this shop are no exception.

In order to guarantee you a lifetime lasting work, color stability is guaranteed by the use of the best technology available in the market. ​

Therefore, prints are made with a Canon imagePROGRAF printer using LUCIA inks on 100% cotton, acid-free Canson® Infinity Rag Photographique 310gsm paper. Prints are made in-house. This in order to personally check the color and quality and to hand-sign every print.

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